"Chris at Sagashilabs has taught me everything I know about SEO and I still have so much more to learn from him! He is genuine, explains things in a meaningful manner, and most importantly, he is about achievable outcomes for our business."
Nicola HunterDirector of Marketing & Communications


DoseMeRx (Acquired by TRHC)


New Jersey, USA





Pageviews increased dramatically from April 2018 - May 2021


DoseMeRx is a healthtech SaaS company that provides precision dosing solutions to hospitals. Their users are pharmacists who work in hospitals and their deal cycles are long and with a lot of stages involving multiple stakeholders.

Like most B2B companies they realized that SEO was going to be an critical channel for client acquisition, and that at each stage of the buying cycle their users would be performing Google searches to find, compare, and select vendors.

DoseMeRx knew they needed expert SEO help.

"We had to build a business and a brand. We knew that to ensure longevity in our marketing approach, we wouldn't want to rely on paid search. SEO is a long game, but for us, it has been totally worth the effort and focus on our content as the results speak for themselves. We now have more than halved our paid ad spend due to our increase in organic traffic."


We kicked off by doing a deep dive into DoseMeRx’s space, and coming up with a cohesive SEO plan. First, we improved their current site setup so it was easier for Google to crawl and index their site, while at the same time building powerful the backlinks DoseMe needed to be competitive.

Then we formed a content strategy so that we could dominate the search results for the most popular drug that DoseMeRx works with - Vancomycin.

Given how lean the DoseMeRx marketing team is, it’s been valuable for Nicola to have us to help handle the strategy, analysis, and parts of the SEO execution.


We’ve been working together since 2018, and in that time their traffic has increased 3.9x [Aug 2018 vs Aug 2020] while bounce has dropped 20%, an average time on page has increased 37%.

Users increased dramatically from Jan 2019 to May 2021
Pageviews, Time on Page increases from April, 2018 compared to 2021

In January 2019, DoseMeRx was acquired by Tabula Rasa HealthCare, and we’ve continued to work together to drive strong triple digit % growth rates since then.

While DoseMeRx has gone from a fledgling startup, to part of a much larger business, both ourselves and Nicola are excited for what the future holds for DoseMeRx, and their SEO.

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